From Zero to Hero

it has been to be tradition in this company, in every first of month, it will choose only one of hundreds of employ who has good performance in their work, to be MAN OF THE MONTH figure.

what you feel if you get this chance ? … that it’s like what I’m feel now

on November 3rd 2008, i got nominated to be MAN OF THE MONTH of october 2008, it’s so unforgetable moment, which all people said ” congratulation ” to me.

i just want to say deeply thankfully to my BOSS who always teach and give me support when i was start with nothings, and also my father who has been my preferred figure of my live.

Moreover, i can proof to my self, that I’m not just looser.


4 thoughts on “From Zero to Hero

  1. To be a hero, you should change your mind and trust on your self that you can change your figure eyes and look to change your step life.
    To be a hero, you have to cancel from your dictionary ” i need to try ” and to be replaced by ” i can do it ”
    ” FROM ZERO TO HERO” happened with me many time in my life. I just start from zero,
    1- i feeling like crazy in my first time when i got the man of the year when i was in May 15,1999
    2- i feeling like crazy in my second time when i got the man of safety year when i was in May 1,2000
    3- i feeling like crazy in my 3rd time when i got my new job when it was 27 person waiting and looking for this job it was in April 04,2002
    4- i cant figure what did i feel from inside when i got man of the month it was june 05,2005, when 370 person congratulate me
    5- i feelling satisfay when i was promoted to a big responsibility, after 10 years of my career, but still have a long way to finish all the step what i’m looking for,cause no one leade have limit
    Every person looking to his boss for help,for career,for everything, but they are looking for the wrong person.During my life i dont like to any person to call me Boss or Sir, cause i cant be.
    I never say 10x to the responsible person for all my certificate, cause i got all my certificate from my hard job.
    The Boss is one,who can help you is one, his name is GOD, look to him and do the same.
    Just need to congratulate Ardy for his certificate,and he is working in my team in the same company since 2 years, and he got that certificate for his hard good job and responsibility and productivity during his work process

  2. Luar Biasa, peningkatan mas dodot, lompatan yang lebar telah dilakukan. dari kota kecil kepanjen menuju ke negara adi kuasa.
    Kemarin waktu vote apa dapet kartu suara gubernur jatim, karena waktunya barengan pilgub di jawa timur


  3. wehhh… mabruk.. ngger… bagi2 dong of the month nya, kirain makan2 dirimu tuku laptop uanyar ee jebule man of the man ya… berarti masih tak ada yang di tunggu makan2nya neh.. kembali ke laptop……………. he..he.. (wes tak kirim ke anu mu)

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