I’ll give you some tips, it for N95 user.

If you got problem with N95 browser like what happened on my phone, when you open the browser and go to some website and you can’t see any text (blank) and only image/flash appear, i assume that your internet setting for page load content you set “All”.

Example, if go to http://liputan6.com and you want to read some news, and you will not see any text and link page, you ‘ll see only image and that will not give you some news for to day.

n95 browser blank

its happened when i start activate N-gage application (download and install it) that time I’m using software version V 20.0.015 for my N95, that N-gage application need to activate first not like new version what I’m using now V30.0.015, N-gage application already activated, you need only install your favorite game.

this is not only happened on my phone, also my friend’s too. i try search in Nokia forum, I’m contact Nokia customer care line, and do my exam but nothing to solve.

exactly, its very easy, make sure your internet setting for page encoding is “Automatic” but this is depending from which regional country use/sell it, because this related to font file character support. example you buy from middle east regional and will not available for Asian font character, and will available for Arabic font characters and etc.

And don’t be panic if got this problem, its like my friend, he would sell his phone.
n95 browser

its just simply, remove your memory card from your phone, and restart your phone and start browser again , don’t insert your memory card before you sure N95 browser normal again.

and finally i can say “have enjoy your mobile browser”.


One thought on “N95 BROWSER

  1. Hi I have exactly the same problem on my nokia n95 8gb.

    But I am unable to solve it because the memory in that can not be removed, It is internally connected.

    any solution

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